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Seo standard solution especially developed content and SEO 70/20/10 is a very popular model is the big names such as Coca Cola apply and yielded remarkably effective in campaigns their marketing.

So the SEO and webmaster should apply that model in a way to achieve the highest efficiency for the SEO campaign and promote your content? Here let's learn more about this model.

This solution is taught at the training center of the club Seo SEO Vietnam.

Model solutions

Model solution for developing original content for Coca-Cola's marketing campaign is:

70% of the content should be the normal form

20% of the content should be improved format from the previous content

10% of the content should be tested forms of content could make surprise

And to apply this formula to the smaller sites, the SEO and webmaster can adjust the formula as follows:

70% of the content should be as "the link"

20% common content format

10% of the content so that the content tested reactions from market

70% of the content is "the link"

The term "link bait" or "the link" should be understood as using content with a clear purpose. That is the advantage of features such as attractive, intrigue, controversy ... of content to attract engagement from the community.

And this content should form a big part of the development plan the content of the SEO and webmaster. The contents of this form should be more sharing, higher education community, answer questions, raise new ideas ... through which to see the level of expertise and professionalism of the brand among the names others in the market.

The problem here is that sooner or later, the idea of ​​this type will be exhausted, and it would be difficult to continue to offer the content format as "the link" continuously.

20% common content format

The issue was referred to in 20% of this asset can be the problem has been mentioned many times before. However, with this content format to be able to attract more interaction from the user, the content should be addressed from a perspective, perspective, or from a view that is different from the original statement.

And one thing that's important to closely monitor the 70% share the previous content to see what types of content received positive feedback from the community and focus going into the development of the child's internal content it in the future.

10% content test format

The contents of this test format is the place to use the brand new way, new content for your marketing campaign to market. And as well as SEO webmasters can include other types of content with the usual form as infographic, video, mixed opinions ... the problem is people care.

Many businesses, brands feel apprehensive when applying the solution form of innovative content and breakthrough in its marketing campaigns and said that it was too risky. However, look at the example of Coca-Cola, we will know why they can become a giant in the beverage industry today. That is thanks to the innovative, groundbreaking, dare to think, dare to do!

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