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The explosion of the use of smartphones to surf the web, access facebook ... in the majority of phone users today, branding, products through the mobile channel will become the inevitable trend that every businesses operating on the internet should be aware of the importance of developing a mobile version of the website.

We would be surprised to know the following statistics:

- At present, according to VNPT's statistics: The number of internet users in Vietnam is 32.6 million, up 18.2% compared to 2010. As expected, the number of internet users in Vietnam will increase the 58 million in 2016.

- According to Google's 17 million people are using smartphones VN: Google recently announced survey data about user behavior smartphones (smartphones) in Vietnam, where consumer behavior is changing change therefore now also need to change accordingly.

- According to statistics in the world there are about 1.7 billion mobile internet users at the time of 2013, and this figure is increasing.

This shows that this is a very potential market for businesses in the advertising information as well as your business products to consumers. Why businesses should develop a mobile web platform, for now just spent a very small expense to bring in huge profits for their companies include: The number of customers, saving advertising costs Advertising, human resources, ...

Foreseeing this trend, Viet SEO is pushing offers mobile web design services to meet the highest demands of each customer:

Interface: Differences line with brand identity, optimized for operation on multi-touch screen, support for multiple display resolution different phones.

System Optimization: Optimized code, reduce image size, speed displayed on the mobile device website.

Redirect (Redirect Code): Automatic identification and redirect to the mobile website when accessed by mobile devices.

Connect with social networks (Social Sharing): Share information directly from the mobile web to Facebook, Twitter, Email ...

With the assessment of experts, Vietnam's mobile market will boom around 2015 to 2018.

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